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LIBRA gets down to business with CANCER. Venus and the Moon blend to attract money, and
responsibility. Cancer affects that part of the Libra chart related to career, standing in the community, prestige and important enterprises. Cancer may be too practical for the Libra native’s taste, but there are some common bonds, which could hold these two together. Cancer awakens the appetite for success, while teaching Libra the value of money and stimulating both his career and ambitions. However, after achieving a particular goal, the relationship could bog down and then, the Libran might tend to lose interest.

Cancer looks up to Libra, and thinks of the future, while Libra, is probably focusing on a more immediate goal. After a goal is achieved, Cancer may want to save for that proverbial rainy day. Libra, on the other hand, may want to enjoy the gains, especially along cultural lines, immediately. And, the Libra native may want to pursue an artistic course, while the Cancer born could be ultra-practical, especially where food and money are concerned.

The Moon-Venus combination is romantic, but not necessarily capable of withstanding rough spots. This means that Libra could be attracted to, and even fascinated by, Cancer, but when the initial glow wears off, the question of survival could produce a negative result.

LIBRA and GEMINI are very harmonious signs. A friendly relationship exists between them from
the beginning. These two share similar qualities and even though Librans are much more sedate
than Geminis, Libra tends to be inspired by the Twins, and there is an intuitive force that exists
when they get together.

With Gemini, Libra’s desire to travel is amplified and the creative urge is stimulated, making him
want to teach, write, publish and develop his personal philosophy. And, in this relationship, it will
be up to Libra to provide the balance, lest the Gemini restlessness becomes contagious.
The Libra native is able to articulate his thoughts and opinions more effectively with Gemini. The
relationship is favorable, and much can be accomplished with these two if they avoid the tendency to procrastinate. Gemini and Libra are different enough, and enough alike to keep the spark of interest glowing and if the Libra balance is maintained, this relationship could thrive.

Both LIBRA and TAURUS are ruled by Venus, and this is definitely a deep-feeling, pleasure-seeking combination. Taurus touches the part of the Libra chart that deals with the occult, the hidden, metaphysics and mystery, and thus, natives of these signs intrigue and mystify each other. Libra and Taurus will laugh together. They share a love for beauty and luxury. Taurus, however, may be too blunt, too earthy and too patient, and the Libra native could become impatient with her patience. The Libran could say things that hurt the Bull. And, once the Bull is aroused, there is sure to be retaliation.

This relationship succeeds as long as there is laughter. After and beyond that . . . it depends on how the two personalities affect each other day to day. All in all, it is certainly worth a try . . .this combination has enough of the stuff of which happiness is made.

LIBRA and ARIES could easily end up married, as there is an abundance of attraction between the two. And, Aries affcts the part of the Libra chart that has to do with marriage and partnership. The basic gentleness of Libra and Aries' aggressiveness is an example of opposites attracting each other. Obviously, the result could be emotional reworks. This can be exciting, but the excitement can wear thin. The Libra native knows what he wants, but may want more than Aries can provide.

On the negative side, these two sap each other's energy. Libra comes alive, but also becomes
weary, wary and apprehensive. The moments of joy become spaced with times of worry and frustration. However, with each setback, there is usually a step forward, as the Libran is like a general, planning each move. What starts as spontaneous combustion could conclude in a studied demeanor, which is taxing to say the least. On the positive side, the genuine attraction that exists between these two can overcome most obstacles and marriage, home and family could result.

Libra can learn from Aries. Although some of the lessons are bitter ones, others are those to be treasured. Yes, there could definitely be happiness between these two, but it won't always be easy!

LIBRA/PISCES relationship can be successful. Both are delicate to a degree and both have
hidden strengths. Pisces inspires Libra to take care of his health . . .exercise, diet, etc. Pisceans don't
do this for many people, but are compelled to do it for Libra.

The Libra native is inclined to lose patience and want to skip essentials and although, as a rule,
Pisceans are not practical, with Libra, the Fish will accent the need to attend to necessities . . .to keep
at it.

The Libra native admires the poetic side of Pisces, but is wary about the dreams and the illusions so
common with the Fish. In this case, however, Pisces rises . . .encouraging Libra on until his goals are
achieved. Libra’s Venus and Pisces’ Neptune can be a beautiful combination and, in this case, the
blend is also practical and these two can really help each other. Yes, exciting experiences can result
from this relationship.

With the LIBRA/AQUARIUS partnership, the chances for success are great. Not only do they
genuinely like each other, there is physical attraction and a strong desire for the two to be one.
Aquarius affects the part of the Libra chart having to do with creativity, children, speculation and
romance. The Uranus of Aquarius blends with the Venus of Libra to provide excitement, spontaneity
and discovery.

This is not a relationship to be taken lightly. With Aquarius, Libra’s creativity is heightened and he
is willing to try new things and is eager to please. And, there is greater independence of thought
and action. Aquarius can be inspirational because the Water Bearer helps you come alive. With
Aquarius, there is change, travel and an abundance of variety. Life is spiced, and you emerge from
any emotional shell.

With these two, the game is fast-paced, and the Libra native could easily be hurt. Aquarius
touches him in the heart . . .where the emotions are . . .at the soft spot. Libra has to be conscious
not to want to give and refuse to receive. For mutual creative endeavor, Libra and Aquarius fit like
a glove. But for details and routine, the glove just may not fit.


Between LIBRA and CAPRICORN, there is responsibility, discipline and restriction with a great
emphasis on security. So, if what is desired is a home, a solid base and a familiar routine, then
Libra and Capricorn would do well together.

The beauty-seeking Libra native would definitely feel confined with a Capricorn who is after prestige,
standing, and a final place to land. I guess if the Libran needed an anchor, this would be okay
for him, but the relationship would certainly not be problem-free. Saturn rules Capricorn, and
Saturn makes demands. This means that the Libran would have to make most of the concessions.
If you are looking for permanent residence and to build a future (the proverbial nest egg) . . .then
ne. If, however, it’s spontaneity, creativity and adventure you seek, Mr. Libra . . .look elsewhere.


The LIBRA/SAGITTARIUS union has a lot of potential and could work well. Sagittarians challenge
Librans to think on their toes. With Sagittarius, Librans become self-starters and learn to assert
themselves. They put ideas on paper, form conclusions and make policies. This could be very
good for Libra natives if they: Learn to finish one thing at a time; don’t get overwhelmed and
don’t spread themselves too thin.

The combustion of Libra’s Air and Sagittarius’ Fire can be pleasant, even fruitful. The Jupiter of
Sagittarius, and the Venus of Libra, combine to make dreams come true. However, both do have
to give a little. When this happens, it is good for both signs. Sagittarians mean well but tend to
talk about dreams instead of getting down to the facts of the matter. Librans prefer balance and
a solid foundation.

A beautiful dream could easily be the outcome of this association.


Between LIBRA and SCORPIO, there is great attraction. In this association, Librans become
brave pioneers, independent and willing to take chances. Scorpio deals with the part of Libra’s
chart concerned with finances, personal possessions, and the desire to acquire. The Pluto of
Scorpio, coupled with the Venus of Libra, has an electric effect. Scorpio gives Libra the feeling
that gain is not only possible, but also likely.

With Scorpio, Librans becomes more independent in thought and action, and acquire a tendency
toward selfishness. They know what they want and insist on having it, because Scorpio
makes it seem so within reach. This is not Libra-like. However, with Scorpio, a need is generated,
and Libra will go all out to fufilll it.

There is physical magnetism here; Librans are drawn to Scorpios. There is also conflict, as the
two signs both desire to be first. Usually, Libra natives are gracious enough to wait, but when
with Scorpio, something gets into them. Impatience becomes the order of the day; it is a quest
for being there first; for striving, for staking a claim.

There are important questions that should be settled at the outset of a Libra/Scorpio relationship:
who will be the boss and who will do the budget? Preferably there should be a division:
One handles the money, and the other makes final decisions on what to do with it. This is delicate,
but necessary with these two signs.

All in all, there is little doubt that this could be an exciting relationship.


Happy Birthday dear Libra. May this be a year filled with the beauty, love and creativity that so
gladden your heart and soul.




The diplomatic, open-minded and slightly gullible Libra native is a natural romantic who loves to be in relationship, and may not feel quite him when not. When dating a Libran, expect flowers, poetry and long, lingering walks. He may find it difficult to decide where to go to dinner, what movie to see or how to resolve troubling issues, but wherever you find yourself, you will be surrounded by beauty. Because of his desire for relationship, the Libra born is quick to compromise and could, therefore, easily find himself taken advantage of.

With the LIBRA/LIBRA combination, you  can  expect  numerous  beautiful  experiences  to  be shared. There is the potential for a lot of laughter, much art, loads of light, but, generally, not

much staying power. This relationship is good for fun and excitement, but where settling down is concerned, there are apt to be problems. When these two come down from the clouds to face everyday realities, the relationship undergoes a marked change. The Libra man is more fragile than the Libra woman. She needs kindness and consideration, and he needs to be acknowledged and trusted. It can work, but it requires wisdom and maturity. However, if successful, there is much opportunity for peace, contentment and love.


LIBRA finds VIRGO intriguing. These two will meet secretly, make clandestine agreements and generally find romance delicious. The Mercury of Virgo combines well with the Venus of Libra. There is the potential for excitement, but the part of the Libra chart associated with secrets, con- finement, and doubts is stressed by this association.

 

With Virgo, the Libra native is introduced to worthwhile organizations, including charitable causes, which appeal to his sense of justice. There definitely could be mutual gain from this association. However, there is that ever-present aura of secrecy. Virgo does tend to "hide" things from Libra. To insure success, there must be an insistence on facts, not promises . . . on solid commitments, not vague  implications.


Also with these two, there can be undercurrents of discontent, as Virgo experiments, laughs, criticizes and flatters while Libra attempts to balance, beautify and justify. It could work, but, Libra . . . as you are all heart and they are all mind . . . don't get involved with Virgo if you're not playing your best game.

The LIBRA/LEO combination is a compatible one. The Leo Sun and Libra Venus combine to make this an envied couple. Leo affects the part of Libra’s chart having to do with friends, hopes and wishes. With Leo, the Libra native gets out and around; new friends, revised desires, and more out- ward views are possible. And, Leo lights a fire under Libra’s creative urge.


This relationship is largely built on romance and illusion. Much of it can be considered beautiful, but some of it is wishful thinking. Neither Leo nor Libra takes kindly to criticism; flaws repel both signs and both will have to be aware of the other's sensitivity.


Together, Libra and Leo tend to become involved in some unbelievable situations. The key is to separate illusion from actuality. With Leo, the Libra native tends to see people and situations in a rosy glow and there is the danger of self-deception. In order to transform imagination into a genu- ine creative force, it is important here to know what is real and what is illusion, otherwise, disillu- sion sets in and the relationship could  suffer.


With Leo, Libra’s innate sense of balance must be called into play. Leo is all showmanship and  bright lights; Libra is gentle and romantic. Together, there is the possibility of beautiful music, but there are some practicalities to be considered. For example, it probably will fall to the Libra native to watch the budget. Leo can be extravagant and although the Libran may enjoy this to a degree,    it is up to him to know when and where to draw the line. Both Libra and Leo seek perfection and there is romance, beauty, and adventure here. However, when practical matters impinge on the relationship, the durability of this combination rests on whether or not there is sufficient maturity to sustain it.

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