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Walk Like An Egyptian

Virgo - Isis
August 21 - September 20

MOVIE - Harry Potter
and the Sorcerer's Stone

Movie -The Curious Case
of Benjamin Button


Experience a sensory deprivation tank.  Connect with the primordial womb; come out reborn without a past.


Find an activity that exemplifies a nurturing aspect of your mother. Honor that by sharing it with her or someone else (e.g. she was a great cook, cook for someone).


Research a kite bird and why it was chosen as a metaphor for Isis, then

go fly a kite (literally).

Music: Gustav Holst's The Planets: "Venus, The Bringer of Peace"

Music: “Holy Spirit Come and Fill This Place” by CeCe Winans

“A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men

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