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Sacred Tours

Dr. Carolyne 'Isis' Fuqua is joined by Farid Alfayed,
a Fourth Generation Egyptologist.


Farid's knowledge was passed down from father to son in an unbroken line. He is deeply influenced by the energy and the power of where he grew up – a village in the vicinity of the Pyramids and the Sphynx, which are a few minutes on foot from where he lives.  

Farid's 2 sons now follow his footsteps as knowledgable Egyptologists:

Ahmed Farid Alfayed (Italian/English)

Fathi Farid Alfayed (Japanese/English)

You are Invited to Join Isis for a Mystery School in Egypt in March 2019.

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Many thousands of years ago, Divine Emissaries were sent armed with secret knowledge that was encoded into great stone monuments like those in Egypt. In the presence of these Ancient Mystical Structures, the Initiate is called upon to choose to think and feel differently. As we journey down the Nile, the timeless wisdom of the ancient temples and pyramids is available for us to utilize as a stimulant, enabling us to shift, expand, and elevate our own, and planetary consciousness.

If we think of the Aquarian Age as the time when "man" is destined to pour forth the Waters of Creation, as depicted by the Sphinx, then you can be sure that the place is here (Egypt) and the time is now.


Colorful, majestic India is a country rich in culture and religion. With thousands of years of yogis, gurus and sages flooding the countryside, it is a land filled with ashrams, temples and ancient Hindu monuments. Meet with prominent gurus and learn more of the essential commonality of all mystic culture.


Cuzco & Machu Picchu

Explore the magic and mystery of the ancient pre-Incan and Incan ruins nestled high up in the beautiful Peruvian Andes and feel the love of Mother God, the great Pacha Mama, while discovering the amazing similarities with the symbols found in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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